Firethorn Farm

Things to Know

You’ve decided to take the plunge. You are ready to buy your first miniature donkey. Before you bring one or more donkeys into your life, it is important to educate yourself. Like any animal, donkeys require specific care, and it is best to know those requirements before you get your donkeys.

About Firethorn

Firethorn Farm, established in 1979, is located on 180 acres in the beautiful, rolling hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our pastures our dotted with Miniature Donkeys, of every color and size, young and old.

We have a long history of loving and raising livestock, including llamas, goats and sheep. Our philosophy has been to provide a low stress environment with lots of pasture and clean water, adequate shelter and lots of loving. It is a successful, proven method for us. And we raise our donkeys the same way.

Our Miniature Donkeys?  They will be your next BFF! Spending time with them is the perfect way to end a stressful day. Sitting in the barn with these gentle souls while they wait for a pat or a hug, any kind of attention. They always make you smile. These delightful creatures will make you fall in love. They are enchanting and funny and kind and charming.  What more could you ask?

We breed healthy and hardy donkeys with correct conformation and delightful dispositions.

Happy Donkeys, Happy Owners

Come check us out!

A great way to prepare for your first donkey is to visit donkey farms. When you see how donkeys live, you can get a better idea what you will need to provide for them. We love having visitors at Firethorn Farms. Give us a call and come check us out, ask your questions, and see some of our residents. We love to talk Donkeys!